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Thursday, April 14, 2011

History Day

History Day is an annual tradition in our school system that begins in 6th grade. Max started his project this year in the time frame that he was supposed to. He did his research, we went to the libraries, he had his general idea and then waited until 2 days before to actually start typing. He promptly lost his flash drive, but luckily had printed it out so I did step in. I helped re-type in order to get it on the board, to make it to school for grading and judging. I told him that I hoped he learned his lesson that procrastinating was NOT a good thing and next year I expected better of him.

A week later I came into the house to his smiling face. Out of 25,000 students, 4500 are sent to Districts and he was one of the 4500. So much for learning a lesson;)

On the day of districts, he was interviewed by the judges while a teary Mama watched from a distance. Another life moment that struck me how much my baby is growing up. He didn't make it to State but I am very proud of his procrastinating self. He said next year he'll work harder and if I know Max...he will.

Hopefully he'll smile nicer next year too. Apparently I was embarrassing him because I was "gasp" taking a photo.

Project...Hormel P-9 Meat Strike

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