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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Guitar Cake

Another cake that I did before blogging. This one was for my niece Mara and today is her GOLDEN birthday so I thought I'd share. Mara ripped the directions out of a magazine to show me what I needed to do, a magazine that I cannot find now.

The base of the guitar was a 13x9 that I trimmed to look like a guitar. The stem of the guitar was a loaf pan, that I cut in half so it was the same thickness as the base. Cut two other pieces for the knobs off to the side. A piece of Kit Kat candy bar and some baby M&Ms attached the stings of frosting.

I frosted with a thinned butter cream because of the cutting involved. When that hardened, I used regular butter cream to frost. It was a relatively easy cake to make and she loved it.

Happy Birthday Girlie!!

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