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Monday, April 18, 2011

Fried Potatoes

My Mom used to pan fry potatoes probably a couple times a month. And, we never had pork chops and cream corn without them:) They are good any time of day. I actually like them a lot with my eggs at breakfast.

My kids aren't big potato eaters so I don't make them very often which is kinda silly since they are really easy to make for just one person which is what I did tonight.

This recipe is for one, figured that would be the easiest because than you can just double, triple or whatever you need to do for how many people you are feeding.

What you'll need:

Medium Potato peeled and sliced thin ~ I used Russet because that's typically what I have in the house
1 T minced Onion
1 T Butter
1/4 t Salt, Pepper and Garlic Powder

You can layer your potatoes in the pan but try not to go more than about 4 potatoes thick, takes too long to cook.

Turn your burner on to about a 4. Melt your butter in the pan, throw in potatoes and onions. Season and cover. You want to cover so the steam can help cook your potatoes. Check at about 2 minutes and give a flip. Keep that up for about 8-10 minutes until the potatoes are soft and crispy all at the same time. Serve
Slice the potatoes in even slices and chop up some onion
Put them in a pan with a pat of butter and season. Cover and cook on low medium heat for a few minutes.
Give them a flip and cover again

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