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Friday, April 26, 2013

McDonald's vs Homemade

I think my least favorite time of the year is science fair time.  I was never much of a "science" person but Claire finds it facinating.  She takes this opportunity to do gross things all in the name of science.  Last year it was "What's growing on your stuff", gag!  I wouldn't let her swab my cell phone because I prefer not to know, but the other stuff, ummmm, yeah, GROSS!

She was feeling a little tired after history day which just ended so this year it is, "McDonalds vs Homemade".  We picked up a chicken nugget happy meal and I made the exact same thing at home.  We left it on the counter for a few weeks to see what would happen.  Her one regret is that she didn't weigh the food because the homemade meal shrunk quite a bit.

This is how it started

15 days later this is how it ended.  The one on the top is the McDonalds meal.  We never figured out why the apples turned red.
The fat and calories were half for homemade and the sodium was a quarter of what the McDonald's meal contained.  I might add that the McDonald's nuggets looked almost EXACTLY like the day we bought them as did the fries.  Seriously, YUCK!  I think I'll let her swab my cell phone next year it would be less disturbing;)

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