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Monday, March 11, 2013

Tex Mex Pasta

I combined my two favorite things, Mexican food and pasta.  I have also heard to never heat up an avocado but I had three that needed to be eaten and I wasn't in the mood for guacamole.  The person who gave me that information should rethink their stance on it because the "heated" up avocado was really yummy. 
Let's get this party started, here's what you'll need:
1/2 Green, Yellow and Red Pepper chopped ~ or you can use all of one color to make it easier
1 sm Onion chopped
3 cloves Garlic minced
1/2 Jalapeno (I used one that was about the size of my pinky) seeds discarded and minced
1 package Boneless Chicken Breast ~ cut into small pieces
2 1/4 t Cumin and Chili Powder
Salt and pepper to taste
2 ears of corn ~ cut corn off cob ~ you could use frozen
2 handfuls of Spinah ~ chopped
3 Avocados ~ smashed
1 1/4 C Half and Half ~ I used fat free
1/2 C Heavy Cream ~ I used whipping cream
1/2-3/4 C shredded Montery Jack Cheese
Cooked Pasta ~ I used Penne
Start your salted water on the stove to cook your pasta when it comes to a boil.  Over medium heat, throw your chopped chicken in a non stick large saute pan with your garlic and onion.  Season with 2 t cumin, chili powder and salt and pepper to taste. When the chicken looks to be about half way done, throw in the peppers, jalapenos and corn and continue to cook.  Rinsed black beans at this point would be good too but I was out.   When the chicken is done and the vegetables still have a little crunch, add a few T of the boiling salted water to get anything stuck on the bottom of the pan to come up.  Turn heat down to low and add half and half, cream 1/4 t cumin and chili powder and avocados.  Stir to incorporate and let it simmer a few minutes.  Give it a taste, do you need anything?  Is it spicy enough?  Adjust as necessary.  More cumin will give that Mexican flavor but be careful, too much can also spoil the taste.  Add spinach and give a stir, add cheese and stir again.  Add your cooked pasta and give it a toss.  Dinner is served.
Here's your chopped peppers
Chopped chicken ready to go
Lay corn on it's side and cut from the cob.  You can use frozen but fresh off the cob is sweet and adds a nice flavor.
Slice an avocado in half, whack your knife into the middle of the pit, give a slight twist and out it will come.  Scoop out the inside with a spoon.
Smashed and ready to add
Sauce needing to simmer for a few minutes
Add your spinach
Throw in your pasta and dinner is served.

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