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Monday, March 4, 2013

Competition Season Begins

I'm glad that my kids aren't on the same calendar for their activities so that I can give full attention to both of them.  And, although we have one last tournament this weekend, hockey is pretty much done.  But dance, DANCE, is just getting the party started.

We had our first competition on Saturday.  Claire was anxious during our drive so I was talking to keep her distracted.  What I wanted her to hear was that dance is subjective to the judges, it's not a sport that a ball or a puck scores the points.  You could be the best team out there in your opinion but if the judges didn't agree, you don't win.  So, I told her what I learned through my years.  You smile, you have a great time, you do your best and you cross your fingers.  Just like hockey, you don't leave anything in the locker room. 

Claire and her team came out with fantastic energy and they ROCKED the house. They WON 1st place!! It was Claire's first 1st place win and she was beyond excited.  Added bonus was that her cousin Serena is also on the team.  Congratulations girls.  You were AWESOME!!


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