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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bantam Award

Every year our association has an awards ceremony.  Every year we have missed it for one reason or another.  On Tuesday Max opted to miss it because of baseball practice, homework and his friends not going. 

Alanna was texting me updates of kids from our team who were nominated or received awards, most of which were not in attendance either.

And, then this text came..."The Bantam Award....Max Kjome". 

CRAP!!  He wasn't there to receive it.  We weren't even really sure what "it" was. 

Alanna was kind enough to bring it over. 

The Bantam Award is a traveling trophy that started in 2000  He will bring it back next year.  We recognized a few names that were engraved from past years, one being Jack Jablonski, that made his smile a little bigger.

The Bantam Award is presented annually to the Bantam hockey player who, in the estimation of the awards committee, has shown; a) Sportsmanship; b) Willingness to learn; c) Clean mind and body; d) Positve attitude toward coach and players, on the bench and on the ice; e) Reliability and dependability; and f) Improvement in personal hockey skills.

I am SO very proud of him.

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