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Friday, May 10, 2013

Crazy Daisy Tie-Dye Cupcakes

Claire's dance team had a really good season.  At the three competitions they placed 1st twice and 2nd.  She had asked me a few weeks ago if I'd make cupcakes for the last day.  I kinda grumbled because there are 36 girls and asked if cookies would work instead.  She ignored and didn't mention it again. 

Well, she was feeling kinda sad on Sunday after the spring show.  The realization that she had one more hour with some of these girls was making her feel pretty blue.  So, I decided to make the cupcakes.  I decided to make her some cupcakes that would make her smile.  I decided to make ones that I have made before and received good results.  I just changed up the decorations.

What you need:

Cake mix prepared according to directions.
Separate mix into three bowls.
Add food coloring to each bowl
Put a heaping tablespoon of each color into cupcake liner
Bake according to directions
Decorate top with your favorite frosting dyed to match.  I used my favorite buttercream.
I picked Daisies because that was the theme of the spring show.  The good news with the cake being colored, you don't have to frost perfectly.

You can see how I spooned in the batter
This is what the inside looked like. 

And, this was what the finished product looked like.  My daisies were a little messy, I'm out of practice but Claire declared them "the best cupcakes I've ever made":)

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