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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

4 Square

We've got these kids, Alanna and I, that have grown up together.  They have played 60 or 4 square in the summer and Wii in the winter.  They've fought like siblings and taken turns with who hangs out with who.  Although they are all close in age, we've had the girls against the boys and the same ages team up against each other.  When they are adults, I'm sure more than one story will start with, "When we were at Christol/Alanna's house...."

But sadly, as they've gotten older, they see each other less and less.  A few short years and Kayla and Max will be off at college and the traditions will be lost completely.  When I realized that we had all four of them in the house at the same time, all four playing together like when they were little, I had to interrupt the 4 square tournament and take this photo of them. 
They don't look like they mind.

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~mj~ said...

Aww!!! I love it!!