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Friday, April 13, 2012

Brownie Fruit Pizza

A couple of days ago, I made my "usual" fruit pizza. But I wanted chocolate and I had some strawberries that needed to be used so that's what inspired this recipe. It was a BIG hit at the family party.

What you'll need:

Brownie Mix
1 pkg Strawberries
1 pkg Cream Cheese softened ~ I use 1/3 fat
3-4 T Milk
1/2 C Powdered Sugar
1/4 C Sugar
1 t Vanilla
1 pkg Strawberries rinsed and sliced

Make your brownies according to box directions. I made mine for "fudgy brownies". I have a large round pan with an edge, if you don't, you can do these in a regular 13x9 pan.

Beat softened cream chese with sugar, powder sugar, vanilla and 3 T of milk, if it doesn't seem creamy enough, add another tablespoon.

AND...Truth be told, you probably don't need the regular sugar but that's what I started with, didn't like the flavor and added powdered. Together it worked.

Frost your brownies and lay strawberries on top.

1 C Strawberries ~ I used frozen ones that I defrosted
1 T Lemon Juice
2 T Orange Juice
1 slight T Corn Starch
2 T Sugar

Give everything a whirl in the blender or if your son is like mine and is a infommercial junkie, you have a Magic Bullet you can use.

Pour into small pan and stir on low until thickened, about 5 minutes. Cool.

Brush on top of berries.

If you wanna get fancy you can melt 1/4 C Milk Chocolate Chips in about 40 seconds in the microwave. Take a fork, dip in melted chocolate and drizzle over the top of berries. Chill.

Make the morning of for an afternoon party.

Brownies out of the oven
Spread your cream cheese mixture on top
Slice a package of strawberries
Lay your berries on top. I started on the outside rim and worked my way toward the middle. But you can do whatever is easiest for you.
Glaze will thicken up, let cool.
Brush your berries with the glaze
Hard to see but...Melt your chocolate and with a fork, drizzle over the top

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