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Friday, April 20, 2012

All Star Team

Max played in an All Star game a month ago. This was his second year playing and his team won!!

The best of the best from all over Minnesota and Wisconsin, 1100 players. It's an added expense to the year of hockey, a few extra hours but I think it's a special opportunity.

That brings me to today's post.

They take team photos. You don't get to see the photos before you purchase but I wanted to preserve the memory and paid the twenty bucks for his scrapbook.

I was so excited when the package arrived. I ripped open the envelope and this is the face I saw

Yes, that's my "tough" son, apparently refusing to smile to preserve said "toughness". You can watch the changes in team photos, when they are mites, they are smiling ear to ear. Squirts you get a nice smile, Pee Wees a smirk, Bantams stoneface. I'm not thrilled with that but it's his team and he doesn't want to look like a "dork" being the only one smiling so I allow whatever in the team shot but his individual, the button that I wear...he knows he has to SMILE because I'm a Mom who is typically at photo sessions and much to his irritation, always says, I'm paying, YOU smile and he does.

Obviously, Mom wasn't there for this photo op.

I walked into the living room, showed him the photo and he gave a chuckle. I said, "ahhh, this is funny"?

He shrugs.

I said, "if you EVER do this again, you will reimburse me for the photo, GOT it!"

Sheepish face, "I got it".

The joys of teenage boys.

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