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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Miracles Of Mitch

I learned something new this year. It's Miracles OF Mitch not Miracles FOR Mitch. I learned that when the kids won sweatshirts for their fund raising efforts.

It was another great year and I'm a little slow getting these up. The kids raised $1330 this year and won another Mitchie award!! Every single dollar goes to help the kids and their parents because the triathlon has enough sponsors to cover the cost of the event. This year, just the Mitchie winners raised over $100,000, not counting what the other 900 kids who participated raised, it was a GREAT year.

Claire was fortunate enough to stand next to one of the All-Stars (kids with cancer) while waiting to jump in the water. The girl is in remission and was able to compete this year and Claire thought the girl was very cool!

The only bummer about it becoming SO big is that I don't get to take the photos I would like, but we're not complaining, just sharing the ones we got.

Max getting his medal
With their Mitchie Trophy
Running from the water to the bikes
Jersey with pinneys
He just finished

Being silly at Mommy's request
Running from the water, her least favorite part of the day
she just got her medal
Dropping off their bikes
annual shot
Some of the All Stars on stage, singing the National Anthem
The kids waiting to walk to the water.

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