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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Gift

I don't remember being told much about what it was to be Native American growing up. My Grandma was one of the children that was taken from her home and brought to a boarding school because that's what the government deemed most appropriate. To "civilize" the Native children. It was because of that experience she didn't talk about being Native much. She had either forgotten or chose not to tell the stories and traditions. I received a random tidbit here or there. Heard the language a bit from her older sisters who hung onto their native tongue.

I honestly don't remember how learning to bead came about. But my Grandma pulled out a loom when I was probably around 10 and showed me how to do beadwork.

I've made some headband type things over the years but nothing fancy. Nothing that I even kept in a safe place but I always kept my loom and remembered the things that she told me about beading.

I taught Dylan how to bead first. He has made some beautiful things over the years. I also showed Max and Claire but neither really showed a strong interest in doing it. So, I was completely surprised when Max presented me with this on Mother's Day.

It is a gift of tradition, a gift that I will treasure.

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