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Saturday, November 1, 2014


The month to be thankful.  I've never participated in the "30 days of Thankful" and I don't intend to start now but since I have missed blogging about a bunch of things, I will catch up on a few that I've been thankful for over the past few months.

The first being this...

Max finished 3rd for the entire triathlon, that's what the 3 fingers are about.

My kids participated again in the Miracles of Mitch triathlon in August and raised over $1000 for kids fighting cancer.  But this year it hit a little closer to home because a family friend's 14 year-old son was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in May.  Brenden has been a complete ROCK STAR.  He has undergone surgery that removed part of his femur and replaced it with a metal rod.  He has had 9 chemo treatments and has 9 more to go.  He has been working through this, working through the crap of having cancer with a positive attitude and I am beyond impressed. 

I am always humbled when I stand watching the kids race but this year it meant a little more.  Unfortunately, my kids have run for friends of friends or I ran into someone I knew from high school last year whose child had cancer.  But this year, this year we knew Brenden.  How can a healthy kid who was playing baseball the day before find out he has cancer?  A fall, a limp, a routine check up and the doctor says that horrible word.  It's when things like this happen that you step back and say a little thank you that your child is healthy.  I am thankful that my children can do something positive and I'm SO proud of them for doing it year after year.

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