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Friday, November 14, 2014

Iced Coffee

So everyone knows that I'm NOT a coffee drinker.  Had never really had more than a sip or two. Craig tried for years to entice me with Mochas, Cappuccinos and everything in between but I just didn't like the taste.

Also when you work in a school, people will randomly bring you a treat.  The "treat" involves coffee or some sort quite often.  When you go to a meeting, coffee is always offered and typically NOTHING else.  I've declined more than my share over the years believe me.

Flash forward to August of last year.  School had started and it was HOT.  Our building is NOT air conditioned, well my office is but during the first days, I'm not in my office much.

Now I'm not talking a little warm hot but OMG get me out of here I can't breathe HOT!  It was 109 degrees on our 3rd floor!!  The school district did something I still can't believe, they shut our building down for 3 days until the heat wave moved out.  But in the days before they did, one of the teachers brought me an iced coffee as a thank you.  I smiled and took it with the intention of passing it along to my co-worker but it had a lot of ice.  The ice was clinking and I was hot and thirsty.  So, I added a bunch of cream and sugar, gave it a stir and a slurp and I was HOOKED.   I've always preferred dark chocolate and suddenly the coffee and dark chocolate flavors connected on my taste buds!

I decided I wasn't going to pay a ton for iced coffee when certainly I could make it at home right? RIGHT!  I tried a few variations and it was ok but enter Italian Sweet Cream creamer!!  Make your coffee, throw the pot in the fridge overnight.  Fill your glass with ice, add the coffee and creamer to taste.  You won't need additional sugar because the creamer has enough.

As you can see, I'm still not a "real" coffee drinker.  I like it pretty milky looking BUT it's a nice refreshing drink especially on a hot day but I kinda like it anytime now!  Give it a try, YUMMY!!

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