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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Baby Carriage Cupcakes

One of my favorite people came over to help me make some cupcakes.  Baby shower cupcakes to be exact.  These are putsy and a bit time consuming.  I would only do these for someone I love because putsy is NOT my thing but having this cute face helping made it all a little better:)

What you'll need:
Cake mix made according to package directions (use milk instead of water)
Mini Vanilla Wafers
Frosting in a couple of colors
Assorted sprinkles or baby M&Ms if you want to make them more fun

Bake, cool, frost with your favorite frosting.  I forgive you if you want to use canned:)  Frost half white and half with pink or blue.  Put your mini vanilla wafers on now so they stick.  Use a third color, we picked yellow to pipe on the wheel spokes and carriage portion over the white.  If you look at the photo it will all make sense.

We opted to use mini chocolate chips for the eyes because honestly, I was too lazy to use another frosting bag.

Putting the liners in.

Mixing it up.


1 comment:

K :) said...

Adorable cupcakes and love your precious helper!