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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Justice for Daisy

I came across this article

I’ll bet that when you raped Daisy Coleman, you had no idea that almost two years later, Anonymous would be looking to hold you accountable. I’ll also bet that you had no idea it would blow up and become a national story. Thanks to social media, we all know what you and your predator friend, Jordan Zech, did on that cold, fateful night in January 2012 in Maryville Missouri.
Young girls are easy prey aren’t they? They’re often desperate for attention from boys, and the popular football players in a small town are like celebrities to them. Young girls become even easier prey when they first discover alcohol. They haven’t been around long enough to realize that people under the influence tend to make poor decisions that they would NEVER make while sober. And predators like you and your friend, Jordan rely on that don’t you? That is precisely why you forced Daisy to drink from the “bitch cup.”
JordanHere’s the fly in your rape ointment: THE INTERNET! Facebook is why the entire nation knows that you are a rapist. It is also why we know your grandfather, Rex Barnett, a Republican state representative, claims that the dismissal had nothing to do with political influence and the prosecutor on the case, Robert Rice, said this about your decision to rape Daisy, “Teens were doing what they wanted to do, and there weren’t any consequences. And it’s reprehensible. But is it criminal? No.”
Information for Rep. Rex Barnett HERE.
There are small towns like yours all over this country. The high school football players are held up and treated as local gods. Some – thankfully not all – adults use you to relive old glories. They are bored with their uneventful, mundane, 9-5 lives, and when someone like you, a star athlete, rapes a young girl, people look the other way. Both men and women do it. They don’t want to acknowledge that you are a rapist because it destroys their ability to live vicariously through you. It’s too uncomfortable to look at reality. So they look the other way and they blame the victim. We saw it with Stuebenville. Trent Mays and Ma’Lik Richmond raped Jane Doe and what happened? She got death threats and was slut shamed. CNN pundits were more concerned for the rapists’ future than Jan Doe’s. The world noticed. And we are now focused on you.
You raped Daisy and you confessed, but somehow, you are not facing charges. Your grandfather Rex knows Sally Hayse – the woman who fired Melinda Coleman, Daisy’s mom, from her job. Hayse complained that Melinda was causing stress for other co-workers, so Melinda was fired. But you and your family don’t know anything about that, right? You’re the innocent ones, right? Grandfather Rex also knows the prosecutor Robert Rice – you know, the guy who all of a sudden dropped the case. Hmmm, sounds pretty suspect, wouldn’t you say?
But it gets worse. People phoned the Coleman family and threatened physical violence after the rape was reported. Then mysteriously, the Coleman home burned to the ground. But you’re innocent, right? It’s just a total coincidence that Matthew Barnett – related to a prominent politician, and a star athlete in a small town – raped a very young girl, and all of a sudden, horrible things started happening to her family after it was reported to police.
Here’s the deal Matthew, Jordan, Rex and Robert: The public is not going to allow for this to quietly go away. We know that’s want you want. And Robert Rice, SHAME ON YOU! If you were at a party and someone forced you to drink a large amount of alcohol out of a “bitch cup” and then sexually assaulted you, left you outside in below freezing temperatures and vomiting, you might have a different definition of “criminal.”
RexAnd Rex Barnett, in case you missed it, your grandson tweeted this after the rape: “If her name begins with A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z, she wants the D.” If you aren’t hip to the young people’s jive these days, D stands for “Dick.” Your grandson not only raped a 14 year-old girl, he clearly is under the impression that all women are after his penis and that even if he rapes a young, underage girl, it’s okay because she really wanted it. This is justifiable to you? I think you have a rude awakening coming.
Perhaps the Barnett family is also aware that people online have taken to reviewing the restaurant where Matthew works on the website, Yelp. Ouch. Must hurt, though not as much as being raped and having your house burn down.
Sadly, small town rapes happen all the time and are ignored. Jocks who are treated as gods have gotten away with it, but finally, the tide is turning. Social media has a huge part to play in how we are dealing with rape culture. I would have never known of you, Matthew, if it weren’t for Facebook. I live thousands of miles from you but now, I and millions of folks are aware of how your community and your family operates. And here’s the thing: As long as you live, your reputation as a rapist who confessed to the crime will be available to any woman who may be interested in dating you. It’s as easy as entering your name in a search engine.
Maryville Missouri, just like Steubenville Ohio, is a perfect example of how rape culture will change as we move forward. While we wait for better legislation regarding rape, We The People will be your jurors. We will shame you and we will call you out. We will make sure that young girls like Daisy are not alone. There are Facebook pages dedicated to making sure rapists pay – especially when law enforcement is corrupt or cowardly. This notion that women and girls are nothing more than objects for you to molest and disregard is coming to an end – and it’s long overdue.
Let this also serve as a warning to anyone who believes they can commit rape and get away with it. Not only is Anonymous ready to make sure you pay, the entire country is ready to make sure you are held accountable. We are pissed off and sick of it.
Matthew, I hope that justice is served and you are punished along with your friend, Jordan. I hope you understand that what you did was criminal, and the fact that the Coleman family moved away because of your actions weighs on you until the day you die. You deserve to go to prison. You need counseling and therapy. You are not a god. You are a rapist and We The People are here to make sure you never, ever forget what you did. We won’t allow it and neither will search engines.
A Facebook event has been created titled Justice For Daisy – please join and get involved HERE.
From the event’s founder:
Many are messaging asking how they can help with #Justice4Daisy. Here’s the MOST helpful thing that you can do that will also make a HUGE difference in finding justice: Put pressure on Prosecuting Attorney Robert Rice who is responsible for closing the case without it being heard. Contact his office at (660) 582-8285 and ask for the case to be reopened or for Rice to turn it over to the Attorney General’s office. You may also email Rice at You may also send daisies to the courthouse at 305 N. Main, Maryville 64468. Hold Rice accountable for the decision he made that has created a true injustice.

while reading another blog and I immediately felt sick.  I encourage you to click on the links and read about what happened to Daisy Coleman on a cold night in January 2012 and the events that followed.  I am sick.  I am sad.  I am angry.  I am beyond words ANGRY!  I cannot imagine having something like that happen to my daughter and have the legal system completely disregard and let these rapists off. 

I can only hope by sharing her story these rapists will eventually be prosecuted!!  It won't give the Coleman family their life back or erase that night from Daisy's memory but hopefully it will give them some closure and peace.  Mostly I hope that by posting this, they know that they aren't alone in their fight for justice!

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