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Friday, October 18, 2013

A Mommy Brag

Every once in awhile your child does something that makes you realize that they've grown up. 
I  received an email from a FB friend from back in the day.  She moved back to a suburb close to Minneapolis 2 years ago with her family.  Her daughter is a junior and found herself with a cancelled date to homecoming 5 days before the dance, would Max consider going? 
I asked, he thought about it for a few minutes and said he would.  He didn't know anyone at the school and he met her about an hour before this photo was taken.  He had fun and even went to an after party for a little bit. 
Yep, not only is my baby growing up, his heart is continuing to grow with him.

1 comment:

~mj~ said...

I love that boy!!!!!!! I've never been more proud.