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Monday, September 30, 2013

Apple Butter

A friend went to the apple orchard last weekend and posted that she was making apple butter.  Apple butter?!?  I completely forgot about apple butter and thought maybe you did too.  So here's a repost if you want to make your house smell like fall and have your tastebuds say mmmmmmmm.

I found the recipe here. But I didn't weigh my apples like she did because my scale needs a battery. 

Anyway, let's get this party started.

What you'll need:

5 1/2 lbs of apples peeled and chopped
3 C Sugar
1/4 Brown Sugar
3 t Cinnamon
2 t All Spice
1 t Ground Cloves
1/4 t Salt

Peel and chop you apples. I also ran them through the food processor a bit because she recommended it. Not sure it was completely necessary? Toss all the ingredients together and put in the crockpot on low. Cook 9-11 hours. Uncover, whisk a bit to break the apples up and cook another hour on low. It's ready to go.

Didn't have a scale so I filled up this colander

Top view

Chop them up a bit more

Throw your other stuff in the crockpot

Give it a good toss, cover, turn on low and come back in 10-12 hours.

Whisk it to get all the chunks worked out

Done...Now let's go make something YUMMY or you can be like Dylan and make a PB and Apple budda sandwich:)

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