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Friday, September 6, 2013

First Day of School

Just a little bit late;)  The kids will be finishing their second week today.

Max started his sophomore year and he says he is going to work very hard on his grades this year.  His driver's license is tied to his GPA and right now it's not where it should be.  Silly boy didn't think I "meant" it when I stated that rule.  Always being consistent and truthful with my children apparently escapes their memory on occasion.  BUT...I've actually seen homework being done so I'm pretty optomistic he is taking me seriously now. 

I drive him to his bus stop since it's close to my work and he stepped out and stood there waiting for me.  He apparently remembers that no matter how old he is, he WILL pose for a first day of school photo:) 
Miss Claire had her first LAST day of middle school.  Alanna filled in again as photo Mom for the morning since I had to work.  She's excited to be the oldest in school and looking forward to what the year brings.  She is taking Spanish this year so we'll see what she retained from her first 4 years only being taught in Spanish.  She has also been hitting the books afterschool and that makes me happy.  Can't deny it, my baby girl is growing up.


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