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Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Memory

Today is an anniversary of sorts that I wish I didn't have.  It's the day that my Dad suddenly left us.  It's a day that is as vivid as yesterday.  I remember what I was doing, I remember what my kids were wearing, I remember the expression of every doctor that tried to help.  Every year I wish it were different, that I'd be able to wash those memories away. 

But today shouldn't be about that.  It should be about remembering the good times.  The goofy things that he did.  His corny jokes and horrible dancing.  The patience he had when he was trying to teach you something.  His long winded answers to questions, that you'd have to stop him and say, "and, the point is".  He'd laugh and finally give the condensed version.  Or his craziness in trying to get the "perfect" shot with his camera.  The man climbed a tree once so he could get a photo of my friends and I doing an AIDS walk.

I will also remember our walks down by Minnehaha Falls and sodas at Bridgeman's after.  It was Daddy/Daughter day.  I didn't realize at the time that those walks would be so precious to me.  That even now when I walk down there, his presence is strong.

I guess today is about being thankful for memories and trying to give that to my kids.  It's not the monetary things they will remember, it's the time spent with you that will ingrain in their brain and I for one would like to leave lots of imprints just like my Dad did.


K :) said...

Beautiful words, Christol, about a wonderful man who left his imprint on you and all he touched. Your children will surely carry on his legacy of living life to the fullest from watching such wonderful examples (you and your father). Hugs and love.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Christol. I was thinking of you all day yesterday. Glad you can remember the good times & not just the grief. Helen xxxx

Christol said...

Thanks ladies.