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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Chocolate Cake Toppers

A couple of years ago I melted some white chocolate and hand made letters and numbers for Cody's birthday cupcakes and it was a hit.

My free hand skills are seriously lacking so I thought I would take it up a notch and try something different for Garrett's cake. He didn't care what his cake looked like, surprise him he said and he likes the color blue. Those are not my favorite cakes to make, I stress that it won't be "cool" enough. But, I like a challenge!

Since he plays football I decided to go with that as my theme. I made chocolate footballs, number 16s and I tried helmets but they didn't look right to me so those ultimately got tossed into my mouth. That's the best part of this, eating your mistakes:).

First things first...

What you're going to do is run off some photos on your computer. Make sure to consider the size of your cake so the scale is correct.

Buy some chocolate at Michael's (they have all kinds of colors) or you can just use a bag of milk chocolate chips. Michael's also sells little squirt bottle that look like this
you're going to want one of these. It gives you directions on how to melt the chocolate in the bottle but I found it easier and took less time to melt in the microwave and pour into the bottle.

At any rate, put some waxed paper over the papers you printed off. Use your squeeze bottle to trace the designs. You can simply pull the paper down the waxed paper and make as many as you want while they dry so you don't need to print a lot of sheets.

Let them harden and gently peel off and attach to cake you've just frosted. Or stand them up on the cake and hear the "OHs and AHs".

Let's get the party started. You'll want to make your chocolate designs before you frost the cake. You don't want the cake frosting to be hard because the chocolate won't stick. If you forget this tip and frost first, just put a small blob of frosting on the back of the design and attach.
Claire wanted to do the tracing. See how she's pulling the sheet of paper with the design as she goes.
Cake done
And, he liked it:)