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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

7th Grade

I have pictures of Dylan and Max too but they are trapped in my camera with a bad cord situation going on. As are the photos of some recipes, ummmm, yeah.

At any rate, Alanna was my stand in Mommy again this year and she got photos of Claire getting on the bus. It was a little easier for me this year and I was happy to get the photos.

I thought we were settled, I thought we were ready. Supplies, backpack and new lunch box purchased. Shoe shopping for just the right fashion statement with the boring uniform she is required to wear. But turns out, we had a dilemma. The night before I was reminded that I needed to cut the uniform knee length shorts to the "allowed" finger tip length. I didn't get it quite to the finger tip so I got the egg face as she climbed the stairs. She seems to have cheered up a bit by the morning.

She said her first day was pretty good.

1 comment:

K :) said...

She looks cute for her first day! I don't think Lily is allowed to wear that length of shorts. They still have to be longer than that. Boo hiss.