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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Max!

There is this amazing kid who is having a birthday today. His name is Max and I am lucky enough to be his Mom.

I miss the days that I was called "Christol" or actually "HISTOL" because he couldn't get the "CR" to come out. He called me that because he didn't understand why Dylan called me Christol and he had to call me Mom. So, I was Histol and Tina was Mom, she is now TMom and it took us quite awhile to reverse the process;).

I remember vividly him standing on the porch, banging on the window, yellling, "HISTOL" as I left to go somewhere without him. How dare I leave him with his Daddy.

But, I miss those days the most because he was a ball full of energy who would knock me over with kisses when I walked in the door. Now, I have to basically sneak up on him to get a kiss. BUT, he never leaves the house or goes to bed without telling me he loves me. Count the small blessings when they are teenagers, count the small ones.
Here he is with his best buddy Alivia.

Happy Birthday Max! I love you to the stars and back!!


K :) said...

Happy Happy Birthday to Max!!!!

~mj~ said...

Happy birthday Max!!!!!!!