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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Middle School...check

A stressful day for me. I told you all yesterday that Dylan graduates but I didn't tell you that Max is also graduating from middle school today. Did I mention that Max's ceremony begins at 2:30 and Dylan's begins at 4:30. Did I mention the drive between the two can take 20 minutes to over an hour with traffic. Did I mention that I wish I would have gotten some Xanax from my doctor??!

Yes, stressful is a word I would choose any other time but the word today is milestone.

Max's school required him to write a graduation paper. They are supposed to talk about their memories of middle school and their thoughts on the future. Toward the end of his paper, this one sentence made me catch my breath..."I've been looking forward to this day for 9 years and now that it's here, I don't feel ready."

Max, you are smart, charming, athletic and sincere. You are going big places. You've got this! You ARE ready! I'm just not sure your Mom is.


Marie said...

High school graduation is on a Thursday at 4:30pm??? That is a dumb time! Guess I am thankful for Kaylee's Saturday at 9am ceremony. :)

Christol said...

I know Marie. Not only at 4:30 during rush hour but in the middle of downtown too. Brutal.

RunningmamaNC said...

Love that boy. And he is most definitely ready. Oh- and we'll all have your back to make sure you are, too!