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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

I had Claire three days before Mother's Day. I didn't decorate her nursery before she came because I didn't want a random, generic theme. So that year, I left the kids with Craig and went shopping with my Mom to find her "theme" and had lunch out.

That became our tradition. Mother's Day was a day withOUT my children. A day to chill out, have a pedicure and lunch at a restaurant that didn't involve a children's menu. My theory is, I'm a "Mom" everyday, shouldn't Mother's Day be a day for me to relax and not have to be a "Mom"? Yeah, I knew you'd agree:)

But, this year, THIS year, Max has baseball practice. Yes, his coach scheduled practice for Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, yay me. I'll probably still grab some lunch out but it's going to be something different. Maybe a new tradition will come from it??

But I wanted to be sure to wish all the fabulous Mom's, especially my own, a HAPPY Mother's DAY! I hope your children are quiet and you're able to have a few minutes just for YOU!

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