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Friday, March 9, 2012

Tip Accordingly

I have put in my years as a waitress. I typically had pretty good tips and on the days that I didn't, I knew why. I was crabby or I was tired or I just plain didn't feel like being smiley and chit chatty. BUT I always made sure that my tables had what they needed, the sodas refilled, the drinks re-ordered, bread basket refilled.

Because I have worn those shoes, I have always left a good tip. Sometimes I leave a great tip. If I sit at a table longer than it takes for a reasonable dinner, I double my tip because the table can't roll over and allow my waitress to wait on another table, why should she lose out on her tip because we've decided to sit longer.

But lately, I've been finding myself leaving a different kind of tip, tips written on the back of the receipt, typically with a smaller percentage of cash. Very rarely do I leave nothing at all, but I have done that too.

What brings me to today's post is that I think it's time for everyone to STOP the madness and tipping for mediocre or crap service. Most of the time, I don't think wait staff is intentionally giving bad service. I don't think they've been trained properly. It should not be expected that you are going to leave 15-20% simply because someone took your order and dropped it at the table.

To sound like my Grandma, BACK in my day, I actually remembered who ordered the cheeseburger verses the chicken. Or was drinking a Bud Light instead of the Margarita. Sadly, I don't expect that, it's a bonus and those waiters get tipped accordingly.

What I have written on the back on the receipt (pick as many as you like)...

Your tip was reduced today because: You didn't bring the water I asked for (extra napkins, silverware, ketchup). You didn't refill my son's soda. You didn't come back to see if we wanted dessert or another drink and we DID. You didn't check back to see if our food was right and it wasn't. You took 10 minutes to come back and take our order when we are the only ones in the restaurant. You were completely rude.

My hope is that they take this information to heart and their next table gets better service. Pass it on!

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