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Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Boys

When I took this picture I had flashbacks of the years growing up like brothers. Dylan helping me get the nursery ready. When we finished, he laid in Max's crib and said, "The baby is going to love this room". He sang to him, played with him and simply adored him.

As they got older, they ran through the house playing games and laughing. Ice skating in the winter, Dylan so excited to help teach Max how and both developing a passion for hockey.

The phase of shut up in a room playing video games or outside shooting pucks. A little distance as the teenage years approached but Dylan would still come over to just hang with Max. He volunteered to be the "high school" mentor/coach for Max's hockey team and helped Max become a better defensive player.

They are similar, yet different and it compliments their relationship.

Here they are sharing one more memory, graduation. Max from middle school and Dylan from high school.

Congratulations boys!!

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