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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Chocolate Buttercream

I know what you're thinking. Why the heck is she giving us a frosting recipe without a cake attached? Well, it's my go to frosting. You can throw it on some brownies or cupcakes. Fancy cake or just a mix. It all works, I use it often and have been meaning to post it forever. you go.

If you're feeling sassy, look at the cake and cupcake recipes on the side to find what to put it on.

To make Chocolate Butter Cream frosting
1 stick soft Butter
4-5 C Powdered Sugar
2 t Vanilla
2 square of Baking Chocolate melted OR 2-3 T Baking Cocoa ~ you can add more or both if you want a really rich chocolate.
4-7 T Milk

Start out with 1 stick butter, 4 C powdered sugar, vanilla and 3 T milk. Mix it with your mixer. Keep adding milk by the T until it's the consistency you want.

IF you add too much milk, add more powdered sugar. I've never used a true recipe for frosting, it was an add and adjust philosophy.

Melted Chocolate Squares for me today. Melted in the microwave for about 75 seconds

Mix it all together.

Frost your favorite cake or cupcake.

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