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Thursday, June 21, 2012


I'm a little behind in my posts. This is from the spring dance show the end of April.

Alivia is the last of the grandchildren. Number twelve. We tease that she is the naughty one because each one gets a little more spoiled, a little more relaxed with discipline, a little extra love and attention from the eleven before her. It doesn't hurt that she is A DOR A BLE!!

We noticed her dancing along with all the girls at Claire and Serena's winter show. So, Chantel signed her up for the first "mini" session during spring for 3 year olds and she LOVED it. I watched and smiled as she danced her way through her number, remembering Claire at that age with a bow the size of a pillow on her head. Why is it that you don't think to treasure those moments while you're living them? I guess that's why there is a number twelve. To remind you to slow down and enjoy the moment because when you blink, you have a 12 year old smiling back.

Here is Alivia at her first dance performance. She was FANTASTIC!