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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

First Tournament

This is the first year I've allowed Max to play traveling baseball in addition to his house league. Traveling is a weekend tournament team compiled from the best of the house teams.

I have always told my kids that I will only give up my life for one sport for each, Max chooses hockey.

But this year, we're giving up most of our weekends and quite possibly Pow Wow because traveling baseball has been a wish of his for quite a few years and this is probably the last year that he'll be eligible to do it. So, I did what a parent has to do sometimes and gave in.

This weekend was our first tournament. It was a gorgeous weekend and our team won the first two games. We went in tied to the 7th inning and ended up losing 6-5. 2nd place and it was a state qualifier so we have our ticket to compete in state in July.

It's a great bunch of boys and a nice group of parents but my absolute favorite thing about this team?? We have a Mom who takes FABULOUS photos for us!! Here is a sampling of the weekend.


RunningmamaNC said...

Love it!!!!!

~mj~ said...

wow!!!!! Those are excellent!!