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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Senior Night

I know I've said this before, but seriously, where has the time gone??

I remember Craig taking Dylan to the local ice rink when he was 2 years old to teach him to skate. They would bring a folding chair and Dylan would push it across the ice, hop on and Craig would twirl him around the ice back to where he started and he would do it all over again. OVER and OVER again. He loved skating and he loved his Uncle Craig.

I think he was 6 when we signed him up for his first team and he was the best skater out there. Since that time, he hasn't stopped playing. He is an awesome offensive defensemen who is solid on his feet. A bunch of different teams, camps, his favorite one was a camp in Tampa with his favorite team Tampa Bay Lightening and many other memories he has stored of his days on the ice.

But tonight was his last home game and senior night for the Varsity Novas. They won 6-2 and Dylan played his solid defense. I've been teary in the weeks leading up to today but Tina and I had our "game" faces on and celebrated him. Another milestone but one that is bittersweet because I won't get to cheer him on at his games anymore. He's headed to college in September and his plans to play are strictly recreational and not competitive.

Here is his senior photo with one of his early photos on the left.

Tina, Craig, Alivia and I on the ice sharing his special moment.
I am SO proud of you Dylan!!

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