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Thursday, February 2, 2012

2nd place

There are a few things that bring me to tears immediately. Hugging my son and sending him away without me is one of them. This was only the 2nd tournament I've missed in the 10 years that Max has played hockey and it was tough for me. I'm used to being at EVERYthing but Claire needed a parent at home and since it involved dance, I won.

However, I was proud of myself because I shed less tears. His Dad was sure to text with play by plays every few minutes so I didn't have to make threats of bodily harm like last time;) And, Max texted instead of calling which for me was easier because I didn't have to hear his voice but could still have a conversation with him.

They traveled to East Grand Forks. Yep, 7 hours on a bus, the last weekend in January. Max scored a few goals while playing defense, including this shot that was deemed, "NO goal because they said he was in the crease".

This falls into the catagory that sometimes a questionable call is made but you continue to play your game because it happens.

They won their first three games and headed into the championship against the home team of East Grand Forks. Final score 4-2, 2nd place for Storm Orange!! I'm told they all had a great time.

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