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Monday, February 27, 2012


I watched Claire's dance team a couple of weeks ago and when we got to the car, she asked what I thought. I said, "Your smile was awesome but the team...well, I don't think the team is going to place this year". She admitted that she was worried about the same thing because they have some girls that don't take it serious enough. Her dance team only practices once per week and the rest of the week, it's up to each dancer to practice on their own.

She asked specifically how she did and I told her about a couple of parts that I thought she could have done better. She didn't agree. She watched the tape, came in and said, "yep, you're right. I have to work on some things".

Work on some things she did. She took it to heart and worked on those parts over and over again at home until she had it down.

Now, I realize that some people might not think you should be "that" honest with their children, your eleven year old daughter who is simply doing something that she loves "good enough". But I've never been that Mom, if you ask me a question, you had better want the truth because that's what you're getting.

I told Claire a couple of years ago before competition started for her and she wasn't taking it very serious, that she wouldn't be the dancer that didn't know the dance. I would not allow her to be part of a team that she didn't give 110% to. She took that to heart. Does it mean she doesn't make mistakes? Absolutely not, BUT she knows that she was giving it everything she had and she is proud of that and also takes that as a lesson that we're all human and we all make mistakes once in awhile. In all fairness to Claire, mistakes are few and far between and her lovely smile NEVER leaves her face.

That brings me to yesterday. Claire's jazz group took the floor, last of all performing teams. They had some tough competition and I felt dread. I hoped that they would at least be somewhat together. The music started and POW, those girls were sharp, they were all smiling, their turns were ON and they were having fun. When the awards were announced Richfield/Bloomington was 2nd PLACE!!! WOO HOO!!

Back to change costumes and hit the kick section of the day, also performing last. Again, tough competition but they were sharp and smiling. Unfortunately they had some errors but they still took home the 3rd place spot!!

I'm proud of the team for working out the problems. I'm thankful to her wonderful director who doesn't mince words and got those girls on track. But mostly, I'm proud of my wonderful daughter who is doing what she loves with pride and heart.

Here she is dancing her jazz dance.
Team ribbon shot~2nd place!
Kick routine

Ribbon shot~3rd place
My little girl who is growing up!
You were FANTASTIC Claire. I love you!

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~mj~ said...

Excellent job, Claire! And Christol, I'm with you 100% about being totally honest with my kids. If they don't ask, I try to bite my tongue (unless they're WAAY out of line), but if they ASK? You bet I'm going to shoot it to them straight. M has actually mentioned recently that she trusts me because of that. :)