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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day

I have been lucky up until this year. My kids attended an early start school so I could get them on the bus and make it to work on time.

This year, the kids switched schools and the time that they get on the bus is exactly the time that school/work starts for me. Not a problem for most people, just take the morning off right? Nope, I work at a High School and I do NOT have the option of not being there.

I was completely bummed. Not just because I couldn't be there but because it was a milestone of sorts. It's Claire's first day of middle school and Max's LAST first day of middle school:(

In steps Alanna who volunteered to take the photos and make sure all was well and she texted them to me so I felt like I was there.

Here they come


and, my favorite..getting on the bus. Guess they are getting too old to turn around and wave;)

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