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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Minnesota State Fair

Guess what today is?!?!? It's better than Christmas!

The state fair OPENS!!

We used to go about four times but have cut it down to just twice because it's gotten pretty expensive to go. Our new tradition is, the first Friday and once during Labor Day weekend.

There is SO much to do. We check out the animals, the midway, heritage square, international bazaar, creative arts & food building, we people watch, the kids build things at the Home Depot stand for free, they play wiffle ball at the Twins booth, we check out the butterheads & the giant pumpkins.

We eat our favorite things, we ride our favorite rides, we window shop the grand stand. The possibilities are endless. Did I mention that we LOVE, love, LOVE the fair?

Thanks MN State Fair for the photos!

You have to check out the butter heads.
Our favorite fries
And, my annual tradition. Only the year that I was 9+ months pregnant with Max did I miss a ride down the giant slide and that was only because they told me no;)

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