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Friday, June 21, 2013

Pesto Pasta Salad

This salad is one that I bring often and people always LOVE it and think I slaved in the kitchen.  Someone else brought it recently but they used cubed mozzarella and that was tasty too.  Or add some blanched asparagus or green beans.  Change it up and make it your own!!

What you will need
Box of Bowtie Pasta
2 Chicken or Vegi Bouillon Cubes
7 oz Container of Refrigerator Pesto Sauce ~ I've used the jar and it wasn't good
4 oz Container of Feta
Container of Grape or Baby Tomatoes
Chopped cooked Chicken ~ Optional

Cook your pasta in water that you've dropped a couple of bouillon cubes in. (IF you want to blanch green beans or asparagus, toss it in when the pasta has a minute left and drain when pasta is finished) Drain and toss with Pesto sauce. Add tomatoes, chicken and couple cranks of pepper, toss again. Add cheese and toss once last time. Serve.
Your ingredients
Chop your cooked chicken. This was left over salsa chicken but you can use anything or even rotisserie.
Drain your cooked pasta and mix in pesto sauce.
Add your chicken, tomatoes and a couple cranks of pepper.
Cheese goes in last.

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~mj~ said...

YUMMO!!!! Adding this one to my list!! :)