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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Little Things

This would be the snack shelf in my cupboard.  It's not a shelf that I typically touch other than to replace a random item.  It's in the exact middle of a stand up cupboard so it's also not really in my line of vision either.  But something jumped out at me. 

Are you thinking, "What I don't get it??"

Do you see that ziploc bag?!!  That ziploc bag contains cookies that someone opened and tore the packaging so they got a ziploc and put the cookies inside so they wouldn't get stale!!  Someone got a bag out of the drawer and put the cookies in IT!!

The ziploc bag found it's way around those cookies and to my cupboard withOUT any reminders from me!!

My children are listening?!  Can you hear the angels singing?!

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