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Monday, July 30, 2012

Dancing in the heat

Ok, so I'm on summer "time" and I'm late with posting a 4th of July tradition. The Richfield Parade! This year I think the temps were close to 100. Add the heat index and was HOT!!

The parade starts at 1 p.m. so the sun is FULL and it was HOT!! As in I was concerned about people in the parade HOT! Did I mention it was flippin HOT?!!

But, I had good information because my Dad was a soldier and he was always ready for anything. He also worked outside year round by choice for the last 25 years of his life. He stressed that it was all about being prepared. Those that weren't prepared, got sick. He said the number one rule with being outside in heat is that you have to be OVERhydrated before you go out. That if you stop sweating, you're in BIG trouble. I could hear his voice and that speech in my head because it was a speech he gave to me when I tapped my way through parades in high school. Over and over, I heard that speech.

So it should be no surprise that speech was essentially the alarm clock in my head that morning. I woke Claire up early and made her drink a big glass of water. An hour before, I made her start drinking a large Gatorade which she finished just as I was dropping her off for the 45 minute practice. She had another large water to drink while she practiced and before the parade started. Guess who was still sweating when she walked by me 2 miles later? That's right, Claire!! We did my Daddy proud:)

Here they come
But they weren't doing much by the end because of the heat
The fire department opened a hydrant for people to cool off. They made a mad dash to cool off after remembering to first drop their pom poms
Did I mention how HOT it was?!? Yet, here is Claire's lovely smile and not a complaint was made.
Her dancing buddies
A nice lady had her hose out for the dancers to cool off. Claire and her friends indulged one last time.
More gatorade, water, watermelon, salty treats and the day ended on a good note with no ill effects from the heat!

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