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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Working Out

I'm just going to say body is falling apart. It doesn't respond like it once did. Skin is hanging. I can't do things as fast as I once did. In a word..ISH!

So, I am making a BIG effort to get healthy and be happy in my skin. I am watching what I eat and I joined a gym again. My health insurance encourages it by paying if you go 12 times each month. Which doesn't sound hard, right? Well, it is. I could blame it on my busy kid schedule but truth be told, it's not my favorite thing to do so it's not a priority.

Last night Max had a rare night off of hockey and I had to drop Claire at dance so it was time to hit the gym. Max was laying cuddled up on the couch when I asked if he wanted to join me at the gym.

He jumped up and changed. Guess that was a yes, where did I get this kid?

We got to the gym and started with a 10 minute warm up on the treadmill. I thought I was pretty snazzy starting with a 3.6 MPH walk until I looked over to find Max started at a 5.5 MPH pace. He increased his incline to a 10 within a minute. He wasn't running, he was walking, talking and asking what we were doing first.

I said, "We're doing first".

He crinkled his forehead and said, "We're just walking".

Off to the machines where he did triple the weight that I could muster and double the reps.

At his suggestion, we ended with a medicine ball, back to back, twisting and handing it to each other.

It was honestly a nice way to spend an evening.

I woke up this morning and thought, I must not be in that bad of shape because I wasn't sore.

Flash forward to later in the day...each hour I got closer to 24 hours post workout I felt a twinge here, a twinge there.

When I asked Max how he was feeling, he crinkled his forehead and said, "fine, why"?

I just smiled at him and wished that I was young again;)


RunningmamaNC said...

Love this story. And yes, to be a youth again... well, without all the teenage angst. Keep it up, girl!

~mj~ said...

Ahhh...LOVE this!! :)