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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Every year my kids and I have made the trip down to the 8th floor of Macy's (which in my mind will forever and always be Dayton's but that's a different story) to see the display and talk to Santa because that's what I did when I was a kid. When I was a kid, he was the cheesy Santa with the fake bright white beard which I will admit, I miss.

This year for the third year in a row, Macy's didn't change the display but I knew the answer my kids would say if I asked if they wanted to skip..."it's our tradition".

So, we headed down on a not busy Monday night, had dinner, walked through the display, chatted with Santa and picked out our favorite candy at the candy counter. Although I always enjoy this tradition because Max actually smiles at the camera and they get along for the entire time. I enjoyed Santa the most this year.

He saw my kids come in and could have done the photo and pushed them on their way but he actually talked to them. Asked how school was, told them a story. They spent probably 10 minutes chatting with him and the air just felt lighter afterward. A little bit of Christmas spirit and a reminder to slow down and pay attention to the details. Thanks Santa:)


K :) said...

Love it, Christol. What a happy tradition. And, I love the idea of feeling a little "lighter"!

~mj~ said...

Awesome!! I feel more "in spirit" now too, having just read about your tradition. LOVE it!!