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Friday, December 16, 2011

Gingerbread Houses

We are doing this on Saturday. The kids can't wait:)

The milk cartons makes it easy enough that even our 3 year old didn't have a problem. Everyone brought toppings to share and you certainly don't need all the choices we offered, we were a bit excessive;).

What you'll need:

Small milk cartons
Graham crackers
Canned Frosting~it seems to hold up better for building

Random toppings, we had
Mini Candy Canes
M&Ms~big and mini
Gum Drops
Vanilla Wafers
Mike and Ikes
Gummy Bears
Red Hots
Teddy Grahams

Put a blob of frosting on the bottom of the milk carton and anchor it to a plate. Make sure you write the name of the child on the bottom of the plate so everyone gets theirs when they leave.

Each child gets 6 graham cracker halves. Frost back of graham cracker and stick to side of carton. Two on the top to make the roof. Use a bit of extra frosting for the roof. We also use mini knives, i.e., cheese knives so they are easier for the kids to handle.
Anchor your milk carton. Frost your graham crackers and get started

House ready to decorate

The 3 year old and 5 year old houses
The older kids finished houses

1 comment:

K :) said...

Always like making this type of gbread house. We had the big one out tonight. We got a good laugh out of our collapsed gbread house. Still fun. Have a great time with it.