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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy NEW Year!

I don't typically make New Year's resolutions. No real reason, just never felt the need I guess.

But a lightbulb turned on the other day. Max is going through his teenage YUK and I wanted to just wipe "that" look off of his face but instead I grabbed it and kissed it. I kissed his whole face until he was laughing.

I realized that when they were little, I did that all the time. We played a game, "Everybody get Max (or Claire)" and I would grab them and kiss their face and neck and tickle. They would giggle and yell, "Everybody get Mommy" and they would both jump on me and do the same thing.

I would kiss their whole face before I put them to bed. I would give them kisses all the time for no reason and that doesn't happen when they get older. We got busy, they got...well they got how they get in those teenage years. We're busy running around and although I kiss them and tell them I love them every night, I don't kiss them for no reason.

So, that's my New Year's resolution...MORE KISSES!

Happy NEW Year!!


Lauri said...

Love it Christol!

Happy New Year! Hope to see you in 2012!

~mj~ said...

I LOVE it!!! There is an older couple (as in older than Gerad and I, not OLD, older) in our church, with older kids. I've always admired this family for their close-knit, loving, happy relationships with each other. One day I overheard the mom say to a younger mom. "Don't stop hugging and kissing your kids when they become teenagers. We all love and kiss on them when they're little, it's natural. But I'm here to tell you, your teenagers need it just as much as they did when they were little, if not more." It really stuck with me, and I've taken her advice. LOVE it!!!!!!