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Saturday, October 1, 2011


WOO HOO, my favorite month is here with my favorite holiday!!! Happy October everyone!

Do you have any fun traditions in October? One of ours is to hit an apple orchard with a pumpkin patch.

We hardly ever find the same one twice, we typically get lost at least once while we're driving around. And we hardly ever buy anything except a few apples and whatever treat they are selling. Instead we head to Walmart after and get a few of their $3 pumpkins instead of the $15 we'd pay there. But we walk around and do all the activities that the place has to offer. Of course we critique or declare we'll be back to "this" one next year and yet we never find it again.

But I had a thought the other day. If you didn't make traditions with your kids, you wouldn't have an IN YOUR FACE reminder that they are growing up. I had that thought because I saw this photo.

And, this one..
Max was SO proud of that red mohawk. The mohawk that missed it's gel the day we went pumpkin picking.

We still go to the apple orchard every year because it's "tradition". I try very hard to make the two of them do poses like this now but even when I try bribery, I get a look like I've lost my mind. I haven't lost my mind, I've lost my babies:(

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Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top said...

We always go to the pumpkin patch. And I ALWAYS make them pose for pics. Regina still does it too and she's almost 18. ;)