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Thursday, July 14, 2011

An Observation

Today Max and I went to a funeral for a man who has been Max's soccer coach and his son is also the classmate of Max's at Learning Works. It was a crowded mass and Max and I had to stand for most of it because so many people came to support the family.

While I was standing and watching the crowd, I couldn't help but notice a few things unrelated to the reason why we were there.

Two children playing with electronics during the service. These kids were around 4 years old, so old enough to be taught how to behave at a funeral. Playing baseball on an iPod, in my opinion, is not what we do.

Another little girl, when it was time to stand for a prayer, hopped up and down until her Dad stood her on the back of the pew so she could see. See what is my first question but my second, why do you think it's ok to teach your children that we stand on the back of a pew?

Two other kids who obviously didn't feel like standing during the prayers and when their parent told them to, they still didn't. The parent just shrugged and allowed them to sit. Really??

Lastly, when the service ended. People just started filing out with no order, no respect for the family that I have always been taught leaves the church first. Max even said, "What are they doing? The family hasn't left yet".

When did we lose touch with manners and common courtesy? When did we stop teaching our children how we respectfully behave? When did people disconnect and think that's it ok to allow electronics in a place of worship? It drives me crazy to see it at restaurants, but at a funeral??

Have people just given up on teaching their children proper etiquette because it's just easier to hand them something "fun"?

Well, I'm not that girl. I have passed on what my parents taught me. I have taught from the beginning how to behave at social events. If their behavior was unacceptable and they became restless, we left.

I've taught them, that you wear your best and you TUCK your shirt in. I've taught them to take their hats off at the dinner table and when the flag is raised. And, I've taught them how to show respect and I'm thankful that my parents took the time to instill that in me.

I am sad for our future generations. If everyone just gives up and checks out, if they take the easy route, where are we going to end up?

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