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Thursday, July 7, 2011


Max's baseball team has been doing very well. We're going into play offs as the top seed. That brings me to today's TWEAK of the Week.

Two of our players are going to be on vacation and are going to MISS play offs. I have a hard time wrapping my brain around that concept. When you sign up, you know when the sport will be over. You know what week play offs begin.

I have not allowed Max to be on a traveling team because traveling involves a lot of weekend tournaments. He will miss one of the tournaments every year because of our annual family tradition of going to Pow Wow. Neither of us think it's fair to not fully commit to all games.

Furthermore, I have planned vacations for days without games, which is no easy task. I drove straight through from Kansas a couple of years ago so he wouldn't miss his game and let his team down. When I planned the trip we didn't have a game but due to a rain make-up it was rescheduled and Max knew he needed to be there.

I have raised my children that when you make a commitment to a team, you are COMMITTED to that team, good or bad. Other opportunities might be missed but that choice was made when you showed up for the first practice.

So, here we go...into play offs with 9 players, the amount needed to field a full team. Fingers crossed we don't have an injury or illness so we can play the games.

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