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Monday, November 25, 2013

Traditions Matter

I'm used to hockey tryouts.  I've been living through them for the past 6 years.  This year was just different.  Parents weren't involved.  Max started the process afterschool on a Monday.  They were also different in the respect that results weren't posted.  Everyday they were told when/where to show up the next day.  One rink meant you were still in the Varsity pool, the other Junior Varsity.  It ended with a scrimmage on the following Saturday. 
The scrimmage I'm used to, that's how tryouts end.  The only difference is that he had two scrimmages to play.  I went.  I watched.  I bought him lunch in between.  I was proud of him. 
Later that night we were sitting on the couch together and Max looked over at me and said, "hey you didn't take photos today".

I gave him the "huh" face.

"It was my FIRST varsity game. You always take photos of my first everything". 

I told the truth and said that I didn't think about it because it was tryouts.

"Well it was still my first time playing Varsity". 

He was right. I have been capturing his "first" everything since he was born.  First sunglasses, first birthday party, first smile, first time sitting up or walking and every first game.  Simply put, I dropped the ball.  And, very unlike me...I'm not beating myself up about it.  It's time to let my kids know that I'm human.  I make mistakes, I forget things, I drop the ball on occasion and it doesn't mean I love them any less.  But it was a good reminder that even when they seem like they've outgrown you or the traditions you've created, they still matter.  He accepted my apology and I'll be sure to get some photos of his first game because HE MADE THE VARSITY TEAM and I couldn't be prouder!

So, true to my word, I remembered my camera for the first official game this weekend.  He had an assist and the game ended with a 3-3 tie. 

Even though this one is blurry, I liked it.  Kind of reminded me of both how fast the years have gone and how fast the game has become.  Blurred fits my mood well tonight.

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