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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Last year of Association Hockey

That's right, Max's 11st year of association hockey has just begun. It seems like a hundred years ago when I was a deer in headlights walking from station to station to sign up. Leaving with boxes of candy bars I had no idea what to do with and a folder of "information" that meant very little to me.

It took 2 hours of my weekend, 3 if you counted getting him dressed/undressed in his gear. Now, it’s at least 2-3 hours per night, 5-6 late nights per week. That’s why whenever a parent with a mite asks if I’d do it again, I always say….only if they loved it and Max LOVED it, so yes. Hockey starts out as a sport but it quickly becomes a lifestyle.

Gear has also come a LONG way. They had these HORRIBLE garter things when he started that held up his socks and they were constantly falling apart. The invention of the "jock" which protects my future grandchildren and has velcro tabs to hold up the socks was GENIOUS! 2 sticks for $25 has turned into one for $225 because you have to have the right curve and flex!! By god, how would you shoot the puck if your flex was off?

For his final year, he achieved his goal of making it back to an A team. He is a Bantam A!! The top of the top in Association hockey and a fun way to finish this chapter. I’m hoping to make LOTS of cookies this year!!

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