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Thursday, June 9, 2011


I've done a post for just about everyone except our dog Henry. Today is Henry's birthday so I thought it was a perfect time to tell you all about him. The picture is of him chilling on our porch.

When Max's 5th birthday was on the horizon, he started asking for a dog. His Dad always wanted a dog, me..not so much. So, Daddy's suggestion in a little guys ear is what started my being over ruled.

I spoke to Max's allergist and he said that Max could have one BUT our best option would be one that was hypoallergenic. Because Max is allergic to just about everything except dogs, the doctor felt it best to not stress his system with just any dog.

I did my research and we looked for a Schnoodle first but they were impossible to find. Wheaton Terrier was our next thought. Not many of those around at the time either and they weren't cheap.

I found an ad in the Sunday paper and called. They had 6 puppies and people coming. By the time we got there, only Henry was left. He was standing close to his Mom, Minnie and looking a bit scared.

Such a CUTE puppy. He was an auburn color but we were told that they grow into their wheat coloring. We paid for him and drove through a nasty thunderstorm home. We named him Henry because that was what Craig wanted to name Max. I wanted Max's name, I gave birth, I won;)

Henry wasn't thrilled to be at our house. He was even less thrilled with the 5 and 2 year old who wanted to play with him. He promptly hid under the couch.

He wouldn't eat or drink for 2 days and unless you were holding him, he was under the couch. I had to hold his little face and force water with a syringe. I was worried about him and called the breeder. She told us to block off a space, scatter food on the floor, multiple water dishes and keep our fingers crossed that his home sickness would pass.

The next morning I got up and he had eaten some and was a little more friendly. The next day, he was running around playing with the kids.

I love Henry for many reasons, the first being that he doesn't shed. He is great with kids, allowing them to use him as a pillow.

He is VERY smart. When we got an electric fence to keep him in the yard, the guy showed me how to train him. I had to take him by the leash to each flag (we had about 40 flags) and run him back toward the house so he'd know his boundaries. The guy said it would take about a week. It took 2 flags and he got it. A year later when Craig used those flags to map out our new deck, Henry would NOT go out the back door and we couldn't figure out why. It dawned on me that he knew he couldn't go near those flags. Sure enough, moved the flags and out he went.

He stands by the door when he wants to go out, he hits his food dish when he's hungry or thirsty, he crawls in his kennel when he's tired and he is an excellent watch dog.

I read that Wheatons know what their owners will tolerate. I have raised Henry like my children. I let him know my expectations and he is not the high strung, jumping dog that I've heard they can be. He is a cool, chilled out dog and everyone loves him.

Henry is also very sensitive to his surroundings. He sleeps in Claire's room most nights and one night I knew something was wrong because Henry came and jumped on my bed, waking me up. I was trying to figure out what was wrong and one minute later Claire came in saying she couldn't breathe.

I also don't allow dogs or children in my bed but the nights following my Dad's passing, I would wake up to Henry on the pillow next to me, watching me. He only jumps into bed with me when I am stressed or upset about something. And, if he feels danger in the air (we had a psycho neighbor), he parks his butt on the landing of the stairs and stands guard as we sleep.

So, if you're looking for the best dog you can find...look for a Wheaton, I promise you'll fall in love.

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