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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mud Run

I stepped OUT, way OUT of my comfort zone and did a 5K mud run this summer.  My friend Lisa roped me in.  It was only girls, not competitive AND it raised money for cancer.  How could I say no since I have always been curious what all the fuss was about??

Yes, I know I'm not a runner.  Yes, I know I don't really like to get dirty.  Yes, I am aware that I have never ran a 5K and am not in the greatest shape.  But you know what?  I had a BLAST!!  

3.5 miles running up hill for what seemed like most of it (yes, I did walk a little bit) and completing 14 different obstacles.  I can't decide if climbing the 15 foot wall or wading chest deep through the muddy ponds was the scariest.  Climbing the cargo nets was my favorite.  My friend Annie was my amazing support during the run.  Annie is in fantastic shape and runs marathons and she could have ROCKED this course but she stuck with me and cheered me on throughout and I love her for that.

I'll actually train better for next year.  Yes, I said next year because I'll be doing this again.  Step OUT of your comfort zone and see what you're missing.  My guess is you won't be sorry!!

Here's most of our team the Oopsie Daisies

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